No packages, subscriptions or price to create.

Glew has no sign-up fees, monthly subscriptions or renewing payments. We thrive to build a community of determined, driven and creative users and know that we will find that best by letting brands and creators freely interact and collaborate.

Create your first campaign today


Publish unlimited campaigns and begin connecting with creators

  • Choose between public/private campaigns
  • Create campaign title
  • Set start and end dates
  • Identify campaign budget
  • Choose social channels
  • Add media to campaign
  • Use glew filters to specifiy:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Niche
    • Follower count
  • Invite specific creators
  • Sort through creator applications
  • Accept/deby unlimited creators
  • Draft campaigns


Communication in-chat to execute campaign

  • Chat with creators
  • Agree on campaign goals
  • E-sign contract in-chat
  • Content approval process:
    • Campaign specs outlined
    • Contracts generated
    • Creator takes control of creative
    • Content is sent to brand for approval
    • Option to deny + add feedback
    • Content approval
    • Creator deploys approved content
    • Links to love content delivered
  • Chat on web + iOS
  • Upload unlimited files in-chat


We tailor-make contracys for each campaign for you.

  • Identify configured campaign specs
  • Generate campaign specific contracts:
    • Involved party names
    • Social media platform(s) identified
    • Type of post to be done by creator
    • Deadline date
    • Total cost of contract
    • Clauses if contract non-complete
  • Both parties e-sign document
  • Store unlimited contracts on-file
  • Send funds safetly to Powered by Stripe for Secure Payments
  • Approve content as contracted
  • Powered by Stripe for Secure Payments releases funds to creator
  • Completely contracts safely filed


Track campaign success in one easy dashboard

  • Filter through campaigns
  • Track success metrics:
    • Glew estimated content value
    • Total post impressions
    • Total post likes
    • Total post comments
    • Total post shares
  • See top performing posts
  • See top performing creators
  • See all campaign contracts
  • View/edit campaign calendar
  • Easily plan future campaigns
  • Track creator social scores